Just 17 Percent Of Americans Approve Of Republican Senate Health Care Bill

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell, Republican of Kentucky speaks about the Senate Republican's healthcare bill alongside US Senator John Thune, Republican of South Dakota at the US Capitol in Washington DC

"Everybody wants something. They think it should be free and they don't want to pay any taxes to get it, so that's what we have to decide". McConnell canceled planned votes on the bill on Tuesday in face of mounting opposition from within his own ranks.

Following the withdrawal of support by some GOP senators for the Better Care Reconciliation Act, the Senate postponed voting on it after the July 4 recess. Many are likely to encounter questions or protests about the highly unpopular GOP legislation that kicks millions off the insurance rolls.

Republicans say Obamacare was collapsing before President Trump was elected and that they have no choice but to replace it before things get even worse.

Originally, the protest's goal was to persuade Mr. Portman to oppose the bill, said George Tucker, executive secretary of the Greater Northwest Ohio AFL-CIO.

The Senate GOP plan would also end enhanced funding to states that opted to expand Medicaid, a proposal that is opposed by a plurality (46 percent) of voters, according to a Morning Consult poll from May.

Pearson, who worked at a clinic in Texas, saw what can happen to a population living in a state without Medicaid expansion. "And that's really where we're sort of at loggerheads here". Senate leaders could use some of those additional savings to attract moderate votes by making Medicaid and other provisions more generous, though conservatives would rather use that money to reduce government red ink. McConnell says he plans to pass the bill without any votes from Democrats.

Paul met with President Trump Tuesday afternoon, and said the president is willing to work on the bill. Indeed, despite full control of Washington, Republicans have yet to achieve any of their marquee legislative goals. Remember, the House came back from several near-death experiences on health care in March and April, and still managed to get something approved in May.

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A medical resident at Seattle Children's says the Senate Republican's prized health care bill will be detrimental to poor and working-class people, and the idea that it will provide more and cheaper choices is a dream.

Congressional leaders are eager to dispense with the issue and move on to other matters, including rewriting the nation's loophole-ridden tax code.

The budget office said the measure would leave 22 million more Americans without insurance by 2026.

The bill can not afford to lose more than two votes. And if Obamacare doesn't fail, and most experts think it will continue to be at least moderately successful in the coming years, he can take retroactive credit for not dealing Americans a crippling blow to their surprisingly resilient healthcare law.

In a statement last week, Moran said that he was still reviewing the bill and wanted to see the CBO score before announcing his position.

The budget office report said the Senate bill's coverage losses would especially affect people between ages 50 and 64, before they qualify for Medicare, and with incomes below 200 percent of the poverty level, or around $30,300 for an individual.

"That part of The CBO report is actually a victory over the ACA because today there are over 24 million Americans that are paying the fine or are exempt and go without insurance", Thompson said.

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